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How to Treat Back Spasms

Back spasms are an involuntary and sudden tightening or uncontrollable contraction of the back muscle due to a disorder, muscle injury or overuse. It can also be brought about by weakness or strain. Whatever the cause may be, the condition usually occurs close to your spinal cord or by back the nerve roots that go in and out of the cord. This puts a lot of pressure on the nerves, leading to pain.


Before any back spasm treatment can be administered, you must know what the possible causes are. The most common have been mentioned earlier, but generally speaking, most kinds of muscle spasms are due to an inflammation caused by muscle overstretching or is torn. The condition begins as a strain but if left untreated may cause severe pain. While it may not seem serious, many people actually go to hospitals seeking treatment for this condition after reading a few forskolin reviews online.

Symptoms and Indicators

The most common symptom is severe pain in the lower back, and usually it’s after carrying a heavy object, making a sudden movement or after some strenuous activity. For some people that’s the only symptom they experience, but for others the back pain may be accompanied by difficulty moving or inability to stand or walk.

The pain however, is localized, meaning it won’t extend to your legs. In a few cases the pain may move to the buttocks or groin but rarely will the pain extend below your knees. The pain also tends to be achy and somewhat dull, and it has a sore feel. Not everyone will feel these symptoms, as some report only severe pain the lower back.

Back Pain Remedies

If you woke up this morning with a back ache, does that mean you should go to your doctor? Not necessarily, as some back aches can be treated at home and clear up in a few weeks. Before you perform lower back spasms treatment, make sure that the pain is something that you can handle at home.

The following conditions require the attention of a medical expert:

  • The pain is caused by an injury
  • The pain is so bad you cannot sleep at night
  • The pain continues below your knees and reaches your legs
  • Home treatment for back spasms are not recommended if the pain is accompanied by numbness, vomiting or loss of bowel control

If none of those conditions are present, then you can safely treat the condition at home.


The first option for back spasms relief is rest, and often it’s very effective. That doesn’t mean you should spend weeks lying on your back as it could make the pain worse. Instead, rest your back for a couple of days and then slowly increase your activity.

Ice or Heat

Back spasms treatment heat or ice is just as effective, and you can apply heat or ice on the area of your back that’s hurting. Either one will help reduce swelling and inflammation. Some medical studies show that heat may be more effective than cold in treating upper back spasms, but both are capable of relieving back pain.

Heat works because the blood vessels are dilated, increasing the oxygen supply that your back receives and reducing the pain. Cold meanwhile, works by reducing the blood vessels’ size and the amount that’s flowing in the affected area. With regular application, this will reduce back spasms symptoms.

If you want to use the cold method, any ice pack will do, while heating pads will suffice for the heat method.

Physical Exercise

There’s also evidence proving that regular exercise helps reduce the pain you’re feeling. Any exercise that will work out your back will reduce middle back spasms, but it’s important that you start slowly. There are many exercise programs available, or you can consult your doctor or physical therapist for guidance.

Your physical therapist may ask you to do exercises to increase the space between your vertebrae and minimize the pressure on your nerves. Depending on the back spasms causes, exercises that will stretch your hip and back, as well as abdomen strengthening routines may also be required. Stretching, leg lifts and similar routines can also help reduce the pain and prevent recurrence. The important thing is that once the pain has been removed, you should continue with the exercises as it is good for your overall health.

Strength training is particularly important, but make sure that you’re not just working on your back, otherwise there will be an imbalance and the other muscle groups will suffer. One popular exercise is also used when trying to figure out exactly how to get cat pee out of carpet, and involves crouching down, doing a slight swirling motion with your hands, and then standing back up.

Other Treatments

Rest and exercise will definitely help, but back muscles spasms can also be alleviated by lying on a flat surface with pillows under your knees. You can also lie on the floor, bend your knees and place your legs on a chair. Either one of these two positions will reduce lower back pain.

There are also over the counter medications you can take to reduce pain, but you should be careful because they may have side effects. If you decide to take medication, follow the dosage instructions and don’t take any more than required. For the most part though, back pain can be treated effectively with a cold or heat pad.

Another popular treatment involves applying a bit of pressure on your back. If the pain is at the lower part, simply place your fingers over the affected area and press down on it. If the back spasms recur, press again, and try to move. Once the pain subsides, get up slowly and walk, keeping your fingers on your back.

Another simple back spasm treatment is hydrotherapy. Get in the shower, turn on the hot water and let it run on your back for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, run cold water over it for 30 seconds. Alternate with hot water, and keep repeating until the pain has subsided.

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