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My Thoughts on This Teacher

I know you’ve been teaching for a long time. About as long as I’ve been alive, in fact. I know that pretty much makes you an expert on second grade public school children. It does not, however, make you an expert on my son. I have been mothering him since before he was born, and I will never be an expert. I think you’ll be pleased, (basically, per your request) I’m having him evaluated for ADHD. My husband cries bullshit, my mother does, too. I’m right there with them. My son is a good student and is great with the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. A slapdash, in a hurry, careless, but mostly good (honor roll, ahem) student. He is kind, he is friendly, he is a good kid. He is also fidgety, at times forgetful, and a little hyper. In other words, he is seven.

Yes, he is annoying, but guess what, lady? You’re just going to have to deal (after all, it’s your job to do so). You’ve implied that you think medication would help, but that will definitely never happen. I also feel like b/c you have a child with ADHD, you want us to join the club. Your words to me: “I’m not a diagnostician, but…” pretty much told me everything I need to know. You’re right, you’re not a diagnostician. Let’s leave the evaling to the evalers, k? (Yes, I just made those words up.)

This school year has been so fraught with worry over totally unnecessary crap. Over handwriting, over fidgeting, over shit that totally does not matter in the grand scheme of things. We’re talking about second grade here, not world peace. I seriously consider homeschooling again and again in a way I never have before. In fact, I fantasize about it. I wish you and the rest of the second grade gang, including Assy P, would just do what you’re there for. Teach. Let my child learn. Don’t punish him for not being an android. Try alternative methods before looking for some not so great cureall. Don’t call me in to have a discussion that frankly, makes me want to LOL.

There is, in this country, a trendy “new” disease running rampant. It’s Diagnosis Disease and symptoms include the need to categorize and medicate anything with a pulse and a brain. Please don’t fall victim to this. Sometimes seven is just seven.

So last night while I was at the supermarket on the phone with my brother*, I noticed my supermarket now carries oversize canvas grocery bags. Cool, eh? At $4 a pop, they’re not expensive, and I would say they could hold about 2-3 plastic bags of groceries each. I also noticed a few weeks ago that they started a plastic bag recycling program. There are two large recycling containers at the store entrances where you deposit bags. Yay HEB!

*I was making fun of the fact that he hired a dog whisperer for his Jack Russell, Zuri.

OK, I have no idea what I’m doing shopping for a Honeywell HFD-010 Quietclean compact tower air purifier. I flipped through a quilting “how to” book but got confused and closed it. I learn better by doing anyway, heh. I did a little math, crossed my fingers and voila: a quilt top the actual size I wanted it to be. Of course I now realize there is no way I could ever make a full sized quilt for an actual bed, so scratch that idea I had about making one for Girlie! So yea, this will soon (I hope) become the quilt for the doll bed that’s part of Girlie’s birthday gift. She kept asking what it was, so I guess she likes what she sees so far. I thought she might. 🙂

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